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Ain't no Heroes in this game, you play the Blackroot Orcs delving dungeons for loot and teef. Featuring 3 game modes Solo, Co-Op and Treachery for 1-5 players with or without an Evil Overlord.







Solo Survive the dungeon and its random boss encounter for victory, there is no resurrection in this mode.

Adventure (Co-Op) Play co-operatively with your friends to complete quests, bury the head, defeat the cave serpent and destroy the spider?s lair. Adventure mode can be played with or without an Evil Overlord. Letting the Chaotic evil person in your group try to kill you all. Up to 4 players and an Evil Overlord.

Treachery (VS) You each control a hero and the dungeon and monsters that you pull on your turn, pitting them against your friends, setting off traps, looting your opponents whilst you try to keep the dungeon at bay. Each hero killed will gain you promotions, become the war chief to win. 2-4 players. 

 You get to pick from one of the 4 castes:?

Berserker - Unleash powerful attacks use frenzy to increase your chance of performing multiple attacks. Charge your enemies and even attack multiple foes.

Shaman - Use tribal magic to summon spirits, transform into a raven or a feral bear, use your spiritual shield to protect you and your raiding party and blood wield your enemies.

Cultist - Inflict fear on your enemies, life drain monsters and even summon undead warriors to fight for you.

Headhunter - Use ranged abilities, poison arrows grind down large monsters, flaming arrows leave fire behind, improved aim and headshot abilities.

The ability cards require energy to use, you gain energy by rolling the attack and defence dice.

With enough energy you unleash devastating attacks on your enemies and that energy turns into experience, gain enough experience and you can level up your abilities.


The dungeon is randomly built from a deck of cards you draw from each turn as you and your band of Orcs explore. From corridors to room cards you never know what the next draw may bring. Will you encounter traps and spider nests, or luck upon a healing fountain or energy shrine? Or perhaps you will find resurrection runes to aid you as you travel deeper into the dungeon.

You may come across a room card that uses multiple cards to build one room. Simple build the room as detailed on the card drawn.


When you die your loot is stolen by the monster that killed you until you slay them to reclaim it. If you were killed by a trap your loot drops to the floor, anyone can claim your loot.


You may respawn on any of the resurrection tiles in the dungeon, resurrection tokens are limited. If at any time a player dies and cannot resurrect the mission has failed.


You encounter bosses in quests or randomly after a set time in solo mode, each boss has its own unique ability cards they will use to decimate you and your friends so beware.


The dungeons are filled with monsters of various levels, so be careful. They may make attacks of opportunity, or you could even get the attention of other players monsters, causing them to attack you instead.

Slaying monsters gain you teef which allow you to buy goods from the sneaky goblin. Helpful items like poisonous trap kits and Dwarven toes could be yours - if you can pay for them. Remember, in Ravage Teef = Money!

Monsters that are level 2 or higher have their own critical hit abilities allowing them to perform great feats in combat.


The game comes with 8 quests for Adventure mode, from burying the head of Zurbag to saving the sneaky goblin from a deal gone south.

But everyone knows Orcs are always looking for more adventures, right? Who knows, maybe there will be more to discover as the Kickstarter campaign goes on... 



You can download the rules here. Rules may be subject to change prior to printing.

Four extra character ability cards, one more for each of our heroes. You are only allowed to have 5 cards on your character board so you would need to choose your abilities at the start of each game. So this will now make 6 ability cards per hero.



 Play Ravage now on Tabletop Simulator in 2 modes.



You can play the single player Delve mode of Ravage, survive the dungeon and its random boss to win.




 Play "The Serpent's Pit" quest in Adventure mode for 1-5 players, with or without an Evil Overlord.





 Featured on Podcast Episode 24 - Polyhedron Collider







Ravage has been in the making for the past 3 years and has been in the playtest zone at the UK Games Expo in both 2015 and 2016, as well as played with multiple play test groups and on Modiphius game nights.


 Undead Viking - Review

Board Game Brawl - Preview 

Prototype Version - Played at Board in Exeter
Prototype Version - Played at Board in Exeter



You can help choose a boss which I will complete with the help of my backers, during the campaign.

There are no mini?s planned for this Kickstarter, as this is my first campaign and didn't want to bite off more than I could chew. This keeps the price lower for everyone. Adding in miniatures would drastically increase the funding needed to raise for the project. However, if this Kickstarter is successful then I see Ravage having minis at a later date, maybe as add-on packs for the game as it currently is.


 A copy of the game with all stretch goals included

A copy of the game with all stretch goals included in a wooden chest with a foam cored interior for the game in setup and play trays and a limited edition signed print and original artist sketch. See the Deluxe Chest section further down the page.




I will be using Modiphius?s expertise for shipping as they have created several amazingly successful Kickstarters in the past including Achtung Cthulhu, Mutant Chronicles and Siege of the Citadel. They will be handling the shipping via GamesQuest.

These are the estimated shipping costs. Rest assured we will try to lower them as much as possible, throughout the Kickstarter.




For multiple copies of the game the pledge is £30 per game, for the extra shipping costs please refer to the chart below. We are continuing to work with our shipping partners to try and add more countries to the list as the Kickstarter continues.



The deluxe limited edition wooden chest (35x25x25cm) comes with a foam cored interior designed and built by the game creator. It is able to handle sleeved cards and has trays that are laid out to make setup quick and that can be removed and used during play to organize your game. It includes a hand painted emblem of one of the Orc castes or your choice and a limited edition signed print and original artist sketch.

The deluxe chests are limited to 32 and no more will be unlocked or made available during the Kickstarter.




I wanted to draw dragons? I have been freelance illustrating for about the past 3 years, working for Modiphius (Winning Silver Ennie Award for the Cover of Terrors of the Secret War), Pelgrane Press, Rain Studios (War of Kings / and Terra Tiles Misty Moorlands and Coasts and Rivers). These were great to work for but none of them offered that high fantasy theme I relished. Dungeon crawlers hold a special place for me since firing up Dungeon Master on the Atari ST and playing Heroquest, so I started creating my own game. I tried to make it a game I would have chewed my right arm off to be involved in, and I have loved working on it. Fast forward 3 years, I have designed a game, created all the illustrations, graphic design, and swore a lot at Indesign as I crafted the rulebook and its layout. I can still draw dragons. I am just hoping to continue doing it for my own company Beardy Brothers.

Dragons sold separately? Here is an interview I did with Crazy Eights on Gaming Trend about Ravage.


After playing Ravage with the Modiphius crew back in 2016 at the UK Games Expo am delighted to have Modiphius Entertainment onboard co-publishing Ravage and helping advise on my Kickstarter and arranging distribution of games during and after the Kickstarter.


Picture shown with an earlier prototype.
Picture shown with an earlier prototype.


I see Ravage as an expandable game with new expansions, including new locations, encounters, new mechanics and maybe hero packs maybe Gnolls and Kobalds and minis all depending on the success of this first Kickstarter I would love to delve more into Ravage and you can help shape the way the world unfolds.


Available Rewards:

£35GBP + Shipping

Goblin Trinket

Shipping is charged after the Kickstarter. See shipping for more info


  • The game
  • All unlocked stretch goals

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